goodbyes and hellos

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After almost 4 years of use, I said goodbye to my old Carlo Robelli cutaway and said hello to a new Yamaha APX5A guitar. That guitar and I have been through a lot. I first led praise and worship, wrote my first song with it, among other things. I still can’t afford my dream guitar which is a Taylor but in time, when I’m responsible enough (meaning when I have the dinero) to have a Taylor then I’ll probably get one.

I started off the search to a new guitar by setting my eyes on an ovation guitar. It was ok at first but I had a hard time positioning because of it’s dome shaped back *coughs* *it slips because I have a big belly and I really need to work out*. After trying it out for a day I decided to return it and replace it with the Yamaha ?.the reason why? Because marchesa liked it. He he he.

Earlier today I bought a plastic molded hard case for Yammy (Yamaha <--> Yammy). All in all, considering all the discounts I got from the guitar center at Plymouth Meeting, thanks mike, I’m gonna end up paying 40 bucks a month for 12 months ? no interest and that makes both me and my guitar happy ? because he has his case, and I have mine ;-).

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