New Email Addy? New Icons?

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i like the new icons, but since perze believes he looks like an alien in his profile pic, i’m gonna make some alternative ones, just so he can choose…

what do you guys think?
a) new icons
b) new marchesa icon
c) new perze icon
d) make them normal color
e) make them black and white

also, i have a twelvesixteen email account that i would want to use since i have more space than my hotmail, but i’m afraid that it’ll be all erased like before…hmmm….i do hate losing sentimental words over email. we’ll wait a while til i completely switch…but for now, to those who are reading…i have a second email: [email protected]

perze, that reminds me too…i have to set up my teaching plans for the retreat…hmmmmmm…

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