harder than i thought

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Taking care of fish is harder than I thought.

Three have died so far. One Black Moor, One Calico and the smallest Rosy Red. The thing is that, it hasn’t been a week. I can remember when I was a kid, we never had problems raising aquarium fish. no chemicals, no nothin … we even feed out fish with pollard … the stuff pigs are supposed to eat. One sack of those would last their lifetime and their kids lifetime as well.

No, I’m not really sad. Just wondering what I did wrong they all seemed so happy. Oh well, It’ll be months before I make that trip to add more fish. They say Goldfish are hard to take care of because they poop a lot. They clogged my filtration system in a matter of 5 days. What in the world? One filter is supposed to last 3-4 weeks. oh well life goes on.

I’m thinking of getting Cichlids next time around. When that time comes, bye-bye Goldfish.

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