Palm Tungsten T2

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It’s finally here, the much awaited “next-generation upgrade for the Tungsten T. Piced at $399.95, The T2 has much more to offer as compared to the first version. It boasts an extra 16MB base memory, thus giving it a total built in memory of 32MB, more than enough to load all the extras and the basic software that I use and need. It also has a much much better 320 x 320 transreflective screen which can handle over 65535 colors. To be honest, you have better images with the T2 as compared to the T and the colors are so much vibrant. For the extra 50 bucks, these improvements are a steal.

Of course you have the standard features such as bluetooth compatibility, slider technology, the 5 way navigation button, a bunch of extra software and the screen cover.

For a case, I suggest you buy the innopocket T2 Hard Case costs less than the Palm Hard case and gives better protection. If you are getting the case I also suggest buying the mini-sync charger/cable from boxwave, they both fit perfectly. Last but not the least, I should mention that of all the screen protectors that I’ve tried, nothing beats the cleartouch protector from, it’s very easy to install, it’s washable and you can use it over and over again (it’s washable *duh*).

Yesterday, traded my Tungsten T with the T2, and so far, I’m very happy!

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