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When I was a kid, I used to have a backyard pond … it’s not really a pond but it’s an aquarium of some sort. I had Golden Snails, Red and Green Swordtails, Rainbow Guppies and Regular Guppies, Mollies, etc. I probably had it for two years. I can remember that at that time, it was the fad in our place. Actually Bernard who encouraged me to get one, I probably even got some fish from his tank. THey’re all gone now, because there was this one time when my brother, Benex, poured shampoo on the aquarium because he wanted to see the fish take a bath … sadly all of them died.

That was kinda traumatic for me. I never attempted to take care of anything, well I did have a dog named tiger, but that was it. Two weeks ago, I helped out some friends in moving to a different apartment and I salvaged a 10 gallon aquarium tank. Nevertheless, they gave it to me. Two days ago, I decided to buy some fish, and other fish stuff. Through the advice of marchesa, I got 2 Black Moors, 2 Calicos, 2 Bala Sharks and a bunch or Rosy Reds. I spent a lot for all the gadgets, you know, filters, chemicals, aerator,etc. Good thing Henry gave me three ornaments that I can put inside the tank and fake plants ;-). Thanks Dok.

I shall post pictures when I can. That’s what’s up with me these days. I loved my little fishies.

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