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despite having PreBASIC, and all those late meetings, and all the phone calls to follow up, i’ve been so nervous every time i log onto the BASIC site…we have a counter that has a number diminish everyday until that day- AUGUST 16.

i guess anyone who plans an event gets this way. you always want it to go a certain route, and always expect success, and usually, I have a burden to set events up…like parties, celebrations, meetings, events, projects…i realize that i’ve been given this gift in my personality and i really can’t deny it, or stop it…thoughts pour even in the shower.

i’m just glad i have a team to work with for BASIC. without them, my vision dies. with them we’ve made it our vision. their sweat equals mine, and my troubles are passed on to them…and i love the homeostatic flow of our responsibilities…of course sometimes we get discouraged and a little backed up on our follow through, but all in all, i praise God for their dedication.

and i’m glad that i learned this years ago through experience- that no matter how much you plan, God can manage to change it all for His glory, for a better view of that day. That’s why Paul says in Philippians 3:1-11, that we cannot have confidence in the flesh although we feel we have the right to boast. No, our assurance is in God alone…so that’s my safety…knowing that i cannot exactly know what will happen in BASIC, although i know the formalities and what to expect in the program. God still has something, lots of things hidden for us to find on August 16, and it will not be on our basiC site, our notepads, rogie’s “PDA”, or computers…and that’s what i look forward to. that’s also something i am scared of, but something i look forward to.

continue to pray for us. and please join us on that day.

i also want to thank perze for fixing twelvesixteen…i know how he blamed himself over losing it for a day…but i’m glad everything turned out well and twelvesixteen is just as beautiful. woo hoo!

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