another day

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another day has passed and a new one is about to begin. what is it about something “new” that keeps us on our toes? come to think of it, in the past 6000 or so years (yes, I am a creationist) that this earth has existed, nothing is really new anymore .

oh i know … it’s called a blessed hope in the midst of grim uncertainty.

a lot of eyebrows would probably be raised when they read this. but what the hey, i’m sleepy, delirious and i can write anything i want.

it’s so funny how “free minds” try to free us from the constraints of our grassroots, from the suffocating embrace of this “baggage of a bear” that they call faith. they say having a set of beliefs limits your humanity, they seem to have no basis for right or wrong, except for what they feel. a common trap because we end up living for the present. the train of thought that says, there is nothing to live for except to be merry, for tomorrow we die. if they are right, then it doesnt matter what you do and what you believe in since when we die, we just vanish … but if my belief is right, when we die, we either go to heaven, or hell.

i guess the simplest approach would be looking at each major belief … then probably employ occams razor … or whatever … one of those must be right … right?

hinduism reincarnation until you achieve nirvana
buddhism see above … though there are minor differences, it’s practically the same
islam believe in multiple heavens and multiple hells, if you end up in one of the hells as described by the qu’ran you suffer but can be pardoned and go to heaven after some time.
atheism life ends the moment you die? no afterlife, no nuthin’
christianity two destinations, either eternal bliss, or eternal damnation
if hinduism is right, all the rest are going attain nirvana longer than the hindus …. same thing for the buddhists i guess. if islam is right, everyone else is going to hell but will eventually be pardoned for good behavior. if the athiests are right, everyone else will just be gone like them. if christianity is right, you are either going to heaven or hell for all eternity, no more second chances. the facts have been laid bare, yet people still choose not to follow Christ.

regardless of what you did today, maybe you should consider what you are going to do tomorrow, for indeed, tomorrow is … another day.

and tomorrow, you may not be able to make a choice. so choose now, and choose wisely.

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