Palm Tungsten T

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The Tungsten T is one of Palm, Inc.’s newer models. It boasts a 320 by 320 reflective TFT Hi-Res Screen capable of displaying more or less 65535 colors, powered by a ~175 Mhz TI OMAP1510 processor compared to the ~33Mhz processor of the m515. This device also uses the latest Palm OS 5.0.

One of the features of this device is the ability to record audio. You can record directly to an external SD card, virtually giving you unlimited capacity. I tried to use this in many situations and it really takes practice before you can get the optimum results. One complaint I have with this picture is that you can’t change the mic recording level and it seems to be very sensitive. I’m sure this can be fixed through a software patch.

Another feature of this product … probably the coolest, is it’s bluetooth capability. It gives you the choice to expand you palm and enables it to function with other bluetooth 1.1 enabled devices. There are a variety of devices out there that you can use that are bluetooth enabled. For one, this is what I want … a bluetooth enabled gateway, I can surf with my tungsten, whenever wherever.

This device is still a little bit pricey, 349.95 USD retail price. If you are a serious palm advocate and doesn’t want to pay over 500 bucks this is the device suited for you.


Accessories come in all shapes and sizes. I own just a few, aside from the standard charger and hotsync cradle, I got a few cool stuff from outside manufacturers.

Let me start off with the palm hard case, this case covers the device and gives more protection compared to the plastic cover that came in with the device. A must buy is the screen protector, this costs a hefty $12.95 + shipping, but it’s all worth the money since it’s washable and uses a special electrostatic surface that easily sticks to the screen side of the PDA. Talk about something that would virtually last forever. Another cool product from is their mini-retractable hotsync cable/charger. One thing that I wish for them to include in the future is a hotsync button.

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