inspector droopy

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Ever remember that cartoon where the main character is this dog who talks and even looks like Ben Stein? Maybe the question is, do you even know who Ben Stein is, ha ha ha. I’m not bashing Mr. Stein here. Going back to the Dog, he looks like someone who has insomnia.

Well, that’s my cue … I haven’t been sleeping that much lately. The thing is that I can’t even sleep anymore. Ugh. Call me Batman, because i’d rather do stuff at night and sleep during the day. Well, like inspector Droopy here, even though I look sleepy, I can still do my job … *zzzzzzzzzzzzz* “Wha?! , Oh, sorry George, I was just cleaning my keyboard with a ptyalin-based liquid”, Can I help you with anything? Sure let me just finish what I’m doing then I’ll get to you as soon as I can.” *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

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