who knew?

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well, only God really…

did i tell you what the first thing that went through my head when i saw perze?
*secret* … that’s for a future blog. 😉

but really, in all honesty, i fell for his friendship because i admired his character. this year, i’m teaching dvbs, important Christian characteristics, and i realize now that perze impressed me due to his humility, compassion, and kindness towards me and the love he showed for his friends and family.

this is our sevensixteen and i’ve gotten to know him even more…lots of his weaknesses, his fears, his bad sides, but more and more of what i first admired about him…and he still is a person i can look to, not just as someone who i think has really light brown eyes, but someone who is an example to me.

thank you Lord for Your love, Your grace in letting us share this love, and all the lessons too.
thank you perze for your patience most of all for me. as patience lives without a face, you have given it meaning to me.

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