First and Last Date

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a date with a man in uniform::
damage: expensive date

so okeys, not the conventional date. shame on those who were thinking dinner and movie. actually, it was more like waiting and a sentence. [cueing the crickets:: ki ki ki ki]


yup, the officer sir was implacable when i cut him off 3 months ago. it was nite time, i was picking up lil sis and friend from B&N. i was on the right lane and wanted to go to the left cuz i wasn’t making a right…so blinker on, accelerated sufficiently and fit snuggly between john doe and officer ego. it was night! who knew?? first ticket.

today was my court date. what did i wear? ya, that was hard, but in honor of my new xanga skin, i wore jeans with a dark grey shirt and a sort of ashes of roses pink sweater over it. what was my date wearing? a very unfashionable black robe…[did nothing for his eyes]. but rogie, the good and faithful hot friend that he is, accompanied me as he promised months ago.

this was my first time folks and well, the story is a lot funnier if i added a bit of information which i need to retain or else i’ll never hear the last of it from certain namecallers…haha…actually, court wasn’t too bad…just had to wait long. i was literally the last person there…so rogie and i filled our time laffing…at me, at the weekend, at stuff…we got a couple of looks from the judge. finally, i was called up and the whole thing went faster than jake’s wind…seriously, i didn’t even know what he said to me…i was like, “okey”…(voice in my head with wild crickets madly chirping away: what in the world?!)

conclusion: i ended up paying for the whole date. jerk.

question: if you could be a wo/man of the law and had the right to issue ANY type of ticket you want, who would you fine and why??

Rogie’s response:

I,as being a witness in the court, this is some of the highlights:

judge: marchesa fabila vs deptford township,case 109278 . how do u plea?

criminal(chessa):ki ki ki ki ki ahhh ki ki ki ki wut?

judge:I SAID HOW DO YOU PLEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chessa:ki ki ki ohh, uhhmm, guilty? oh! i mean not guilty! oh wait! ki ki ki ki ki….. wut was the question again your honor?

judge:are you guilty or not quilty?

chessa:can i use one of my life line your honor? id like to talk to my lawyer(rogie).and i want to play my guitar and sing u a song.

judge:NOOOOO! i want your final answer noW!


judge:wut did you say?

chessa:nothing your heiny.


chessa:GUILTY with insanity your honor

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