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the leaves are falling…

i decided to walk a little around campus before and after class, and took the long way to the car. there were hardly any people walking around the buildings where i had just finished my class so i decided to walk really slowly while admiring the trees…something i admire, cuz they seem to each have their own silent story and aesthetic personality…as strange as it may seem to personify bark and leaves, i was just curious to whether the planter realized the end product while he was designing where each specified tree should be positioned. i figured it really would have been boring of him/her to plant the same type of tree, altho i guess it would have its own placable uniformity. but for this specific day, when i decided to admire God’s creation, i felt thankful and loved that the one who planted on that field was a little more ambitious and creative to have allowed various shapes, colors, stories, and personalities. the trees were seriously refreshingly beautiful. A friend told me about stars once and i may have interpreted too personally, but i took what he said as this, “can you believe that a star is burning and positioned at a specific spot, at the time that i am looking at it.” [wow. i gave no justice to what he really said and to what i’m trying to convey…hahah]

i guess what i’m really trying to say is that we’ve been given certain beauties in nature…seemingly small treasures that woo our eyes and heart, hopefully concluding in a big stirring of our minds to look upon God and be humbly grateful, as if we have been given at that moment, just us alone, a gift from God…all we have to do is take time to realize it. that moment of beauty was meant for us to win our thoughts and affection; in all honesty it’s humbling. i realize that the trees were always there, the planter may have been random, but i have grown to believe that God romances His beloved…sometimes you find Him in the storm, sometimes in the beauty of people, at times you look for God in the circumstances, then sometimes you just need to look around and look for Him in the trees. you just have to believe that wow, that was meant for you.

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