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wow. this weekend was packed. i rarely got a moment to myself, which in all honesty is not better company, considering my prior blogs of self defeating thoughts. if there is one word to sum my weekend, it would be laughter…i’m gonna site it down now, readers, so let me be self therapeutic and note them down before i forget to do so.

Homer animated gif- Josie’s Kamayan: players: jake, perze, teya, ches, rogie
jake’s tactfulness (set the mood of the dinner)
background dinner music-utographs anyone?
“crickets” Dooonuts!AArhhhh…
under the table wars
laptop incident *gasp*
– Sweet Home Alabama? players: minus rogie
sold out
– Delicious Way: players: minus jerkob
kitchen- teya’s room- alfon- kitchen
heart attack (perze’s forte)
tong-its (ches’ forte, then teya’s forte, then perze’s forte)
teya trying to kill me (switching order for tong-its)
“c’mon teya! c’mon teya!”
last game of heart attack- last card of teya- “KING!”-slap! (King it is! perze loses again!)
– YB year planning meeting: players: pstr.jus, wayne, teya, rog, ches
9am- Filipino time- 9:40am arrival
– Praise Practice: players: teya, perze, mel, ches, tom
teya’s 3rd donut
new version of string ties
perze playing “musical (chairs) instruments”
– Tokyo Mandarin: players: minus tom, plus jake
went home to drop off keys: drama
conversation: anime, something that spun off anime, girls and guys, double standards, the past
– @ cortland: players: minus teya
wire station
bubble tea, chocolate
playing with the video camera
tedious chore of editing for church anniv. AVP.
– Sweet Home Alabama? take two players: minus jerkob
driving background music: artist refuses to sign autographs- already too good for us…
lheila intro conversation
rogie taking down notes for future “hotness” lines
lheila’s constant ear to ear smiling
– Church: players: those that were home on the weekend. plus poly
Ate Dal’s laff- the death of rogie and ches
introducing poly’s first visit
– Video editing: players: jake, ches, perze, ate tess, pstr.jus
“explosions” (bad reaction for ate tess)
“crickets” and arm nudges
a flame vs. an inferno
fire ideas for wizard ding…ate tess was not amused
lots of crickets in all our pockets
Jake: “i ate a big breakfast this morning cuz i knew this was gonna happen, so i’m not hungry.”
Ches: “oh good…um…then we’ll go and you can work on it” (everyone goes downstairs to eat)
– Practices and more practices: choir and praise
– @ cortland: players: rog, lhei, perze, ches, poly
guys- game, girls- sleep
perze’s laziness
poly’s camera: some kept, some deleted (lhei )
line dancing
– ah. sleep: players: me, my bed, blanket, pillow, and my stuffed bear Nauti
phone calls:
ate tess: i thot you were doing the AVP? i thot perze was doing AVP? jake is the main person now? okeys. this is my idea…
lhei: missed
perze: home, Broken Strings
teya: are you going to the MA retreat? cuz my dad wants to know.
Jams: missed

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