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this weekend was pretty good…

my family has decided (when i say family, it’s really my parents and my older brother) to paint the walls of our house and add some “enhancing” wall “stuff” (stuff meaning i just don’t know what they’re called, it’s on the tip of my tongue but my laziness in concentrating refuses to cooperate). anyways. so my downstairs of the house is so messy and i’m constantly cleaning the kitchen to gain some equilibrium…it’s no feng shui…it’s truly disturbing, but wow. i’m impressed with “toto”…so i’ve been helping out when i can…

this weekend:
parties galore. missed friday. saturday- went to rogie’s dad’s b’day party where i saw kitty lhei just disregarded any feelings of the floor and told it with wild authority, “YOU’RE MINE!” ow. with an audrey outfit, i was out fit to dance, but reeny gladly joined the cat in a frenzy of Achy (Gimme a)breaky Heart as she stepped all over the floor like an ex boyfriend. The highlight of the night was when rogie dropped his “bread(?)”…let’s just say, “doooo-nuts…..duffffffff”. hahahaha

next party!! we decided the young crowd wasn’t for us (no Egypt, no waterfront). we went to Ate Cynth’s housewarming where we were greeted by roaring dogs who were jealous that we were invited to a rockin’ party and they were obviously not…with their rockin’ breath and all…in any ches, we ate. again. in any ches ate again. terrible. but how can you turn down a fried manok lovingly embraced by a seductive bacon? or a slowly killed pig, fried and chopped with a delightful tempting singing sauce on the side? wash that thing down with soda and you’ve got a seriously frightened artery fright there…but sarena (a PT 2 b) ate it, so i figured- yumers.

lastly, sunday. i’ll leave you with sunday. jenn, great job on the solo. if i was jealous you’d be in grave danger. hahah. kelly on AI has nothin’ on you…hah…anyways. new challenge for me…conducting an orchestrated piece…listening for every piece of sound…or lack thereof…it felt so good doing something new. of course, there still are a lot of problems…pstr. jus said that music ministry is always one of the hardest cuz people just have a hard time working together…my word for the day kids is “submission”. i will leave it at that because i fear my sarcasm will saturate my seemingly comedic blog. after that. one of the other highlights of my day was having the most mature talk with a couple of 8 year olds…darielle, camille, and christiana. we talked about ministry! can you believe that? then they brought up the topic about “love” and their confusion of its conventional expectations and their obstinate refusal to adhere to those “conventions” hahaha…but it was refreshing that i got to give them some input on the topic. When their mom called for them to leave, they begged her to leave them to my company :). how cute, then they invited me to go over their house so we can talk more. wow. that impressed me cuz when i was their age, i don’t remember ever talking to someone 23 years old about such a thing as “love”. i felt so loved :).

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