You Are Good

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they were right:

the closer you get to God
the easier it is to hear Him
the harder the world on your living sacrifice

.lose the world, gain Christ.

Jesus gives me life “some would say that you cannot be found
some would say that You are far away
but i know You’re the God who lives in me
and i know You will always have my heart

Cuz You are good
and Your love endures forever.
You are good. You are good.”

-jeff deyo

Father, even sometimes i think You can be far from my well. sometimes God, i am stubborn to believe that Your wheels are turning in my life when at times silence is all i experience. Lord, my Master.

why can’t i believe in my own words? “Master.” This is a word that requires obedience. “Father.” This is a name that emulates love and belonging. May i, God just give reverence when i utter Your title and have the belief that is due for Your glory. For one thing that remains in my life- one thing that never will change is that “You are good. and Your love endures forever.”

Lord, teach me to never redefine Your intended goodness.
Teach me and remind me of my limited design when I’ve become too rebellious to demand my own definitions and conditions of what is “good” for me and how You should show Your “love.”

teach me Lord to understand subjectivity in humanity and the empirical objectivity of Your Truth.

“You are good and Your love endures forever.”

Father, may i cling to this immovable foundation when everything seems to temporarily crumble within and without.

i cannot write it Lord. I cannot fathom it Lord. I will only frustrate my pen.

“You are good
and Your love endures forever.”

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