Satisfy by Jeff Deyo

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my heart has grown so cold
i’ve let the darkness in
i’ve said You were everything
but still You weren’t enough

i’ve not been true to You
my life has hurt You Lord
i’m running back into the safety of Your hand
(i’m sorry Lord. i say i love you and still fail to show You)

i want to be free Jesus

* i want to be s a t i s f i e d in You and You alone *

take this heart
take my life
hold me close

my heart has heard Your call
but i have closed my ears
i said that i would follow You
but still i chased the wind

i’ve stretched my hand towards You
while holding to this world
but now i’m letting go and reaching out to You
(why Lord do i think things of this world can satisfy me?)

-jeff deyo

Jesus. may you always be enough for however deep the well is in me. i want to be free Jesus, to be satisfied in You and You alone. Free from the things of this world that constrain me and make me lose my focus from our relationship.

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