blading induced thoughts

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one step of faith forward
after looking behind
i find
trails of drops
from the heart to the mind
but the mind of where i stand
gears to repremand
the heart that demands
to stay in comfort’s hand

what in the world: went rollerblading.
saw the moon rise.
saw my first moonrise.

these days, i haven’t been blading cuz i’ve just been too busy or too tired and the sun goes down faster as these days progress. but tonite, God called me to chill. i remember it being a month or something along a month give or take…the thots going through my head and prayers i’ve flustered a month ago. and i evaluated how clearer some things are now and wondered at some new insights gained. it made me smile. after looking hindsight, i brought myself to the present and offered new flusters. only time will tell when God will reveal all my confusions of today.

but how sweet the breeze and the music. it was a fairly good day. “you are the only one i need, i bow all of me at your feet. i worship You alone.”

added: just read some of my friends’ xanga pages. i was reading anci’s blogs and a question popped into my mind. is it that hard to know me?

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