911 & Kuya’s Bday

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there is soooooo much to pray for.

so many of my friends are going through so much these days and every time i receive news, i can’t help but feel hurt with them. if ever there was a need for encouragement, these are times when we need to do more than offer kind words…please go an extra mile for your friends who need it. spend the extra cash, spend the extra minutes in prayer, spend extra effort to get in touch. *urr* what can i do?!

911: last year, after class, i couldn’t drive home because there was so much traffic. everyone was leaving school at the same time to get to their loved ones. i was madly dialing numbers to my family and friends to make sure they are okey and to let them know the same. it made me think about the families who couldn’t get in touch with their loved ones who worked at the trade center. the thoughts of what they may be going through were overwhelming. it made me so thankful that my life still had its beloved players. *urr* times like these are so hard. even the sight of a flag is moving.

gratia plena: today is my brother’s 26th birthday! i love you To. despite the sadness going on today, i’m grateful for another year given to you!

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