Count Yo Blessings, Foo

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i hate living here.
one two. counting my blessings…
check. one two

| ches is grateful…|
one more for the mic test: ches is grateful

that i can make up & sing nonsense songs
i am not forced to drink rat milk
i have all my fingers to play piano and guitar
i’ve never lost the 2 rings i’ve worn since ’97.
that i can still be grateful
lunches @ friendly’s
long GAP blue & black scarf from A.Grace/K.Rodel
the people can still tell great love stories
that people still live great love stories

God’s strength…His patience…ya…despite the accusations made against Him, He let time weave justice and bestowed grace. *urr* His chest at the time must have felt so heavy inside…with a fine line between grace and revenge. wow. He chose mercy. He chose forgiveness. He chose love.
His deeds are so incomparable.
His standard set so high…

old friends who still care and say hello, how are you?

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