Humanity, Sunday School, and Psalm 139

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*like this pitz pizza*

ode to humanity

*ugh* humanity!!
if only you had feet
i would wear heels
and dance carelessly on your toes

*His thoughts of me*

today, unexpectedly, i taught Sunday school for the middle children. I was told to teach any lesson so as always, when situations such as this arise, i try to remember myself at their age and take an experience and lesson to teach them…cuz if God was teaching me something at that age, i might as well teach them the same thing.

i told them that there was this old man who use to be our pianist @ our church who one day told me to sit next to him and open my Bible to Psalms 139. He’d continue to ask me to read this passage every time i saw him…so naturally, i became intrigued…and i eventually came to love the passage.

so i asked them to close their eyes while i read Psalm 139.

after i read it, i asked them for their thots and Jelicha said it was beautiful.

wow. we went through it again in chunks and they remained still gazing at me with curious intent that God could know everything there is to know about them. They smiled to learn that even before they were born, God had molded them and a life set for them.

Then i read a verse.
“How precious are your thoughts of me, O God.”
Jelicha smiled and said, “that’s my favorite part.”

i thot about it, and thinking about this week, i smiled back at her and said, “me too.”

wow. 🙂 how precious are His thoughts of me. They outnumber the grains of sand.

my God has innumerable thots of me…

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