A Leader Under Submission

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:: a leader under submission
thoughts on leadership

Read a book. Before he was King David, he hid in the caves to escape a king who wanted his death- a king who David once favorably served.

Setting was a cave. Protagonist was the one brokenhearted, desolate, weak, and emptied. Young David sang songs in response to the crushing of his hopes. He sang and cried from deep resignation, and the angels listened like a hungry audience.

utcasts fled to the caves. Many joined David. They were liars. They were thieves. They were rebels. But they heard David’s moans, David’s humility, and trust in the Lord. Without scepter and crown, people began to follow David- the weak, the broken- the leader under submission. Through him, God’s resounding strength and great might were revealed.

Through the broken.

“David did not lead them. He did not share their attitudes. yet, unsolicited, they began to follow him…why did they follow him? They didn’t, exactly. It was just that he was…well…David. That didn’t need explanation. And so, for the first time, true kingship had its nativity.”

“if you are asking if i am a former thief and cave dweller and one who followed a sobbing, hysterical fugitive, then yes, I was one of the ‘mighty men of David.'”
-G.Edwards (ATOTK)

when people look at me
does my shell really hide me that well?
will they deny that i am vulnerable
maybe say i am impermeable
do they think i am strong
when inside i’m frail, and weak
even to speak

but may they see You
when i can’t seem to stand
may they see You
when my knees show i can’t
may they see You
as the strength in all that I am

And yes, there will be times
Lord, You’ll need to sing Your song over me
Moments when I will
say psalms repeatedly
singing until- i’ve lost to humility
Surrendered and still
Until i am broken and contrite, inside
with nothing to hide


[note: harshly edited by perze a. ababa]

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