“Pls. Pray for Me”

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scrapes and shapes? say what? do what?
who me? but, but…
okeys. i see…i get it. i believe
but c’mon, i gotta be strong
the sentimental notes like a song
while all along
i cling like a monk to all the wrongs
while grace has eminently flowed
from the wrists stains
from sin’s chains
while here i am playin like a child with these silly games
of pride i try’ta hide,
but i can’t seem t’escape
my emotional suicide

there’s been so much to pray for lately…sometimes it seems like my list has been just accumulating…so many of my friends are going through crazy stuff and i keep hearing “please pray for me”…i always tell them i will. Sometimes i feel that the request and the response for prayer become routine that sometimes i wonder if we really mean it when we ask someone to pray for us…and even more so when we tell them that we will pray for them. Because i know i’m sometimes guilty of this.

when was the last time you asked someone to be accountable of something vulnerable in your life, and asked them to pray for you?

when was the last time you asked someone how you can pray for them?

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