“Pls. God, will you?”

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walking round the campus, i must have said, “…please God…will You…” countless times.

still nonmatriculated into the Rowan matrix, it was the most tedious chore to get the classes i wanted. after careful consideration of which classes would benefit me for the spring semester, i gathered up my courage and walked confidently (a little later than everyone) into the classes i was determined to add to my schedule.

first class 9:30am.
filled class, no more seats. doctor phanatic of The Bard was explaining how there was no way he could fit anymore people in the class. whispered a prayer, smiled and sat down, by the end of the class, he said, “marchesa, welcome to my class, sort of a pretty name by the way.”

second class 3:30pm
filled class, no more seats. teacher came in late so i blocked the door before she could enter, so i can woo her with a promising student attitude…haha…she explained how she doesn’t normally sign extra people to her class, unless i was going to be a student of exceptional participation and “A’s coming out of my ears.” I laughed and suggested that if that’s what it took to get in her class, then I was the one. [hope i didn’t lie]…after some hesitation, she told me to find a seat. no more seats remember? kindly, a random stranger went to another class and fetched me one. as she was taking role, i prayed, “God if you want me here, you’ll find a way.” In the middle of roll taking, doctor brit.lit. extraodinaire stopped, looked at me, and said, “go to the registrar now, i think people may have dropped this class.” off i went. praying. end result. added class.

from then on. i added more classes. God is good. wow. note: during summer i visited all the deans for my field and they all said the same thing. they said there was no way i could get the classes i needed. wow. God exceeds. wow. God is crazy faithful indeed!

ps- first day. phew. emotional, mental, and physical traveling…to all the students out there and everyone else on a pivot of change: be strong. God’s gonna do some pre-tty kewl things this fall. 🙂

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