Chat w/ Ate Ching

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Irishcr3am: HEY MARCHE,,,,what do you think God wants you to do?
Irishcr3am: in the ministry?
Irishcr3am: do you have already a calling?

Mryntte: why do you ask ate ching?
Irishcr3am: nothing……..coz kuya darius c that u will be a good leader

Mryntte: i hope so ate ching!!!!
Mryntte: i want to make a very big impact
Irishcr3am: just keep up the fire burning
Mryntte: all by His grace, it will
Irishcr3am: yeah,,,,,
dariell cant sleep daw,,,,she’s awake now
i think i have to sleep with her
Mryntte: awe. okeys. tell her i said goodnite
Irishcr3am: nice chating with you….c u again tomorrow nite……yeah i will……she said nite…….remember we are praying for you..and God’s plan for you
Irishcr3am: or c u sunday…….say hi to stephanie and kristie
Mryntte: okeys
Mryntte: thanx soooo much ate ching
Mryntte: i’ll pray for you too! and kuya darius
Irishcr3am: nite and have a Blessed nite……..sure all the time we are here for you….we love you…..all of my kids love you
Mryntte: i love you guys too!
Mryntte: good nite
Irishcr3am: bye……..
Mryntte: bye

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