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went to a church picnic at clementon park. surprisingly it went well….the scale measured: actual park amusement- light as a feather
company kept- man drowning because his foot was weighed down by an enormous rock.

some wonderful moments to treasure:
– superman ride (best to ride after eating)
– christiana’s fear of her first ride transformed into a quasi-what’s-going-on-fearful smile.
– the beautiful “just in time” weather

went to my house for dinner with bernard, perze, and sam. hahaha…this was funny for me cuz it seemed as if everyone was so shy…guys! not at the fabila’s table okeys? we promote chaos amidst the rice! but the conversation was funny- esp. the news about some of the ridiculous plans people suggested on how they should rebuild the trade towers.

*curious- if you could rebuild it in any way possible, how would you construct it?! be imaginative.

afterwards, we all went into the family room and shared dunkin donuts stories…then for a shameful amount of minutes, we debated on the asthetics of the swan, snake, and turkey. shameful amount of minutes.

then i heard a herd (cute, eh?) of people crash inside my house…crash into the kitchen…sounds of spoons on plates and glasses on the table…and there you had it…woe to the leftovers of our dinner. the night was pretty kewl all in all…haha…the best was playing the tortured piano while sunny, perze, and bernard sang! and whoa, did they sing!

sunday: church. grace.

“How can I give you up, Marchesa?”

leading choir was…let’s say…challenging. got grace?! more on this to come.
“How can I give you up, oh choir?!”

dinner for my belated birthday at Tokyo Mandarin. my only gripe was not being served by White Beard. oh. and getting the chocolate bento box.

after grueling amount of chores and sufficient rest, ultra-bored man came over and had dinner with the marionette’s family…wondering if ultra-bored man was ultra-bored, we decided to hit the park (in my mind to blade, in his mind to guitar). since ultra-bored man had seniority rights, longer member of the justice league, we went to the stage and just played praise songs until our intimidation powers drew the officer to come and make us leave. then ultra bored man and marionette went to barnes and nobles and became so ambitious that they switched from normal mode to “what in the world” mode: me with tea, and him with a frap.

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