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there`s a word to this summer. it`s faithful.

why? hmmm…well, this has been one of the first summers w/ no classes so most of my time was devoted 2 work & ministry. wow, did God really take opportunity of this & break my summer down, not w/ activities, but w/ faith. He wanted 2 know “marchesa, how are you gonna learn to trust me this summer? i think you`re ready…so here it goes…hold fast my beloved…i`m taking you to a deeper understanding of me, i`m excited, so guard fast your heart & open your eyes & ears. Be aware of what i’m doing.”

God really allowed me 2 see the isolation of my faith this summer thru all that He`s placed before me. I wish i could just list it all as evidence before my reader, but i won`t. (AA doesn`t give me such a priviledge, 2eprops for xanga). hahah…but God in all of His grace let me search 4 the secrets He`s lovingly set before me this summer, & the search wasn`t all pleasant nor easy…yet the harder i fought in determination 2 find Him, the sweeter the revelation. wow. God loves those who seek Him.

the question is, have you sacrificed to seek Him?

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