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okeys, i think it’s safe to say that my birthday is over. i can write about this year’s celebration.

not too much celebration. no cake. no presentation. no candles. no loud announcement.

but God really blessed me yesterday cuz of all the greetings i’ve received. i realized that it wasn’t the number of people i’ve blessed, but the number of people who have blessed me…cuz those who i expected to call- when they didn’t call at the time i thot they would, it would prick me in slight disappointment…and it made me realize their importance in my life that i would be affected of their remembrance of me. i got an email tonite from annie and miss mae…and they replied to the whole group from an email i sent them a weeks and weeks ago…what they said was moving…

_____________________________________________ AMEN SISTA! hehehhe….i agree with Merry_Mae! I do miss you all…reading Chesa’s email made me cry… know with that lump in your throat kinda thing…i know we’re all growing older but part of me still wishes those days can come back again…….perhaps it will someday…you know when we’re all in a nursing home together with our walkers and diapers… paul t. suggested!!! we can be roomates again…in the nursing home!!!! anywho…..i miss you all and keep you all very close to my heart!

love, anne

“Mae G.” wrote: friends, in response to chesa’s cathartic……see picture below. It’s true…I still miss the days…when we worked and lived so closely with one another…I do still wonder if God could really give me something better than our RU days/FIC days/Neilson days/Courtlandt days/anydays with you. it’s hard i think. but i haven’t quite found anything the same or better? i have a lump in my throat now…I love you guys. Christ was our eternal glue with each other…and it always will be…see you here..see you there…see you when… mae

My Everydearest Bro’s and Sista’s in Christ,

Yes, I agree with our Merry Mae and Msgulay… and our dearest Che Che that God has blessed us. I was looking at my Friendsaver and I couldn’t put it down…all the letters and pictures of you guys (even if you didn’t get to sign my book, I still have picts and letters from you…Oh and picts.of you I took when you weren’t looking) I love you. Even if we are not together, you are all constantly in my thoughts. And to my dear Rey and Paul Paul, thank you for the phone call, it made me smile.

Love, Rille.

Post Scriptum, I remember when I was in Paul Paul’s room and he took my camera (after I came in as a surprise and took a pict. or him), and Chesa came to hold me down while Paul took picts of us. Random thought but it still makes me smile and think, wow, I’m so lucky.

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