“God Loves You, OK?”

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“God loves you, OK?”


first thing that came into my head was, “yes I know God loves me. That is always true- He has such affection for me.”

I turned off the computer and went upstairs feeling defeated. I believed God loved me yet I still felt that everything is all wrong. I took comfort in the fact that despite circumstances, at least God loved me.

As I was about to sleep, I thought about it some more. It kept repeating in my head like a children’s Sunday school song- so simple yet there’s something buried deep inside it, one day hopefully revealed by a child who learns to search beyond the words.

I saw the folly of my limited thinking. “Love” isn’t the mere capsule of human’s capacity or standard of love. But “love” in context of that sentence encompasses a deeper plight and purpose other than and including affection. “Love” is not just the obscure emotion as one can “love” a certain color or particular food. Instead, this “love” imitates that function of a verb- an action beyond the mushiness of the heart. Instead, it is the manifestation of the complex idea. And for me to agree that God loves me yet remains hard heartened forces me to reevaluate what “love” means.

In this simple sentence of encouragement, one can only break it open to reveal an intense outpour of kinetic intentions from God’s heart. We begin to realize that God’s revelation of love for us is not merely like that of a hallmark card- but more of an invitation for Him to work in us and conduct major renovations in our lives. Through this “love”, God already positions His glory and inserts specific necessary checkpoints in the spaces of our matrices of time. He has taken active involvement to slowly mold our lives to fulfill His role of Faithful. In our limited vision and shortsightedness, all we rely on is trust. To trust this simple phrase, “God loves you”, is to acknowledge God’s rearranging of the areas of your life that seems immovable, areas that seem impossible to be at peace or state of renewed satisfaction; maybe even areas of your life that you refuse to let go of. To trust this sentence is to believe that God is constantly at motion to show his beloved that the work of His hands equal the intense emotion of His heart.

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