Hearing Martha’s Name

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today i was feeding one of my patients his lunch. he’s basically bedridden, neither is he able to understand his surroundings or communicate to the people around him.

but as i sat next to him, i started talking to him about what’s been going on with me, and just happy things really- blessings- positive things that may give off a positive vibe. Then i started reminding him of what he should be thankful for- one was his loving wife. Despite his condition, she constantly cares for him, and it shows. She wakes up early to see if he is responsive to her company, she washes his face and makes him breakfast. She always makes sure he’s positioned comfortably, and she never utters complaints about how heavy her burden is. Her love for him just manifests.

As i was drowning him with smiles and loving descriptions of Martha, i saw a tear escape his eye, and i thot, wow…maybe he can’t understand that much anymore, but at least he can still understand love. maybe he couldn’t hear everything i said, maybe he had no understanding of my phonetic movements, but call me crazy, maybe all he had to hear was her name and see the smile and conviction on my face…

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