Friendly Talks

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this weekend was amazing. God overflows in blessings. My heart reached such happy heights.

i was about to sleep when a friend called me up to talk about BASIC. we just shared to each other how faithful God was that night…and how prayer was so integral in its preparation. The one thing i will take from BASIC- how God calls so sweetly His children to pray…most of the time we think that we go to God when we want to talk to Him, but did you know that God can call His children to prayer? It’s this feeling of longing- a yearning so sweet, you can only satisfy by uttering all your present thoughts to Him. How sweet to think that God tugs at our hearts when He wants to spend time with us. “marchesa, talk to me…” wow.

-“something bout the ocean and i’m lost in love again”

anyways, i continued talking to this friend of mine, and his words were such an encouragement to me. you know when someone says something about you that you don’t want to hear, but in the same time is so encouraging? He also challenged me tonite…hahaha and asked me straight up questions he wanted me to answer…and he also answered things i’ve been wondering about as well…
Friends, can you pray for this friend? He wants to know God so much, and his desire is to be equipped sufficiently so that he can be used affectively for God.

ps- pictures coming soon….[percival, be excited, be scared, hahahaha]

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