Prayer For BASIC

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i dunno how to write about BASIC, so i’ll include
a desperate prayer i wrote 2 weeks before BASIC.

“Lord, BASIC. You have a plan for BASIC. You are calling people to you even as I write you this request. You already know who is coming. Your glory is set. But God, i don’t know what’s gonna happen. I could be planning for an empty room, all i know is that I have to plan. But I know You want glory- i know you want hearts to turn to You. I know You can’t wait until You can search throughout the room and take what is Yours. Father, the beauty of my limited vision is nothing except the mere orchestrating of the slow revelation of Your power and faithfulness. It is my faith that is tested and it may just be my secret victory, but i know there will be a myriad blessings that will overflow.”

amen. how God answered that prayer is amazing.

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