Driving & A Letter

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an hour and a half

i got off work an hour & a 1/2 early. i felt so giddy when i got 2 my car; imagining the possibilities of a perfect weathered day. i rolled down my windows & set the digicam on my dashboard. Set to timer, i decided 2 drive down the open fields near where i worked & took random pictures of what i saw- peace.

these days have been extremely tiring. something every nite 2 follow something every day. & i`ve been thinking 2 much lately…repercussion of driving.

but the retreat i went on this past weekend really straightened out a lot of questions i had, & it became a time when God just pulled me out of some of my internal madness. things have yet still to iron themselves out, but i`m learning more & more of God`s desire 2 let me know His plans 4 me…


things that got made me smile this week:

– browsing through the Hallmark card section.
– coming out of the Barnes and Nobles having bought a book- “Ruthless Trust”
– getting off work an hour and a half early, which gave me opportunity to drive [window down, music up] all around the farmy side of SJ.
– seeing rogie drop to the ground out of sheer laughter from a comment i had made.
– driving at night to “Dreamsome” by Shelby Lynne

and reading this:
hey chesa,

I am glad the site works , and yeah I like how some of the articles uncover bits of God in the secular world and some of them are just so darn turthful/blunt. I love to hear stories about christians invading and affecting the culture around them. I love how the articels talk about christains really enjoying the life that God gave them here on earth.Sometimes I feel like i should be out there instead of here but I guess He still has some more fixing up to do with me before he sends me off. I encourage you to email the people at relevant magazine and submit some writing of sorts , I think they will be blessed by your writing.

i don’t know if you heard Lauryn Hills’ acoustic unplugged album, it is not musically or technically amazing as the pros would say but it is just honest. I started to listen to it, I thought it was going to be some cool acoustic versions of some of her songs but then she talked started praising God and talking about the reality of the music business, and what she treasures most now in her life. There is one song she sings about God being so merciful and she ended up crying, it was so fresh and unexpected. This was shown on MTV!!

Also I don’t know if you heard of a Christan WOMAN worship leader named Rita Springer. She is amazing I will let your hear some of her stuff she plays piano and leads worship at many conferences. I saw her lead worship in north jersey and it was beautiful and nice to see a woman rise up and sing lyrics that are fresh/honest. Check her out at www.ritaspringer.com. She has a one day conference i think in october and it is in north jersey (at this really nice church) I will give you details.

The story on how i proposed is best told in person. plus it would be too long to type here……..

I will talk to you soon,

i’m a simple girl…easily tickled…easily tossed.
easily encouraged by an old friend. dean was the first person to really believe in me when i was in college.

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