Rogie, Ate Ching, & Munchkins

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i had such a great time today.

today started with a breakfast at a deptford diner with my friend Rogie. over bagel and coffee, we talked of many things. mainly things of encouragement. of wonderwoman, and superman, of ava savalot, and REG. tho most of the time, he puts himself down, i am really proud of him. i’m so glad God brought him to our church. Tho rogie would disagree, God really did so much thru him.

also, i had dinner with Ate Ching…she had me drive her car to Tokyo Mandarin. this was such a pleasant time, chatting about church, her kids, my life, and juste les choses de la coeur…surprisingly enough, it was refreshing to open up to ate ching. i know she has my best interests…amidst our unforgettable conversation, she told me some sad news…but despite my apprehensive spirit, i know God is in control.

also, her munchkins came over my house and just filled my basement with such adorable smiles and comments…they all told me tho that they all listened to the cd i had made them, every night! awe. i was touched.

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