lyrical battle (cont.)

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i dream of bringing on the lyrical battle with Teyga

a pimple out of a pore?/ are you sure- it ain`t the other way around?/ like i`ma bust on you with my feet on your floor?/ i`ll be the crashing waves poundin` on your lyrical shore/ more and more/ until you`re vision get`s a lil` crazy and i gotcha seeing four/ your mission`s gettin` a lil` hazy/ i`m supposed to feel threatened/ instead i`m bein` bullied by a baby/ maybe/ you need to take some classes/ get you free passes to jake`s rudeness 101 opent`the masses/ you`ll learnhowto throw decent punches/but i`llstill beat you no matter how good your stance is/ i`ll be like yoda doing dances around you while you`re taking chances on winning/give it up Darth Teya/ it`s futile trying to beat my jedi mind tricks/ but i`ll keep tellin`you till the truth sticks/ like cement on your denial bricks/ so, i guess it`s time for you to try again/ rating, i`ll be waiting for a decent 5 outta 10/ ya think you can handle that? til`then, i`ll be round the AA bend/ write your little rhyme/ pray, then click on send/ hahaha

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