Phonecalls & Home

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***beep, beep, beep***

chesa:: hello? hello? pam? hello? ugh!


pam:: hello?
chesa:: hello?
pam:: he~llo~~?
chesa:: hello? pam?
pam:: hello?
chesa:: hello? pam?
pam:: hello? ya?
chesa:: my phone’s gonna die so here’s the number…
pam:: huh? what? you’re breaking…
chesa:: hello?

*beep, beep, beep*
(phone hangs up)

chesa:: ugh!!!

*puts phone down while driving*

chesa:: (looking at her phone) wait til i get a new phone! you are soooo gone…

*phone says nothing back*

chesa:: why can’t you work for me? at least for over 10 minutes??? what in the world?

*phone continues in silence*

chesa:: (looks back at the phone) oooo…watch..i’m soooo gonna get rid of you soon…you are so gone.

things are bad when you start talking to inanimate objects…

|0726| dear friends

i know i haven`t been updating. if you saw my schedule, you`d see why. the past 3 weeks have been grueling, but God is still good, i believe.

there`s so much work 2 be done 4 BASIC, so if anyone wants 2 help out, please contact me. it would be greatly appreciated…all planning 4 it have been detered from a passing away of one of our dearest brothers in Christ & friend, Kuya Bing Espalto. He died Tuesday morning & we all grieve our loss, but rejoice in Kuya Bing`s priceless gain…4 it says in the Word that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” We know Kuya Bing is shaking glad hands with the elders, & walking jasperly by Christ taking in all the splendor & beauty that his HOME has 2 offer.

But we pray 4 the family, & always keep Kuya Bing`s memories & kind deeds with us…even me. That`s what goes through my head…times & words with Kuya Bing. We`d always talk every Sunday. He`d shake my hand, ask me how i am, what i`m doing, offer any assistance & spiritual advice, & talk about his beloved daughter. I`ll miss you kuya bing. You`ve been an awesome example 2 me in our church. Rest in peace…& cause some mad havoc in heaven 4 me ;).

how is Home?

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