Day 5: DVBS

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i want to write this before the moment passes and my senses are diluted with distractions.

tonite was day 5 of DVBS. This is usually the hardest day for me cuz i have to fit a lesson in, as well as stressing the importance of salvation.

I’ve had the same kids for four years now, and i’ve seen them all grow in their salvation, and i didn’t know how i was going to convey God’s love to them in a newer light, in a different angle.

So i turned off the lights at the end of our Bible study and asked them to listen to a song. “Love Song” by Third Day. After they listened to it, i asked them for their personal interpretations to which they unanimously responded of a man who loved God so much that he would do anything just to be with Him.

After i gave them a chance to respond, i shared a personal story of how i came to hear the song and what the song represented in my life- a time of sadness and desperation, a season that encompassed my weakness and strength, a time of pivotal understanding that no matter what happens in my life, God loves me. He loved me so much that He surrendered heaven and glory to endure earth and shame—-JUST TO BE WITH ME.

i told the kids that the composer of the song wrote it becuz He wanted to compose a song that God would want us to know. It’s HIS love song to us. And it’s His love song to them.

After their new knowledge of the change of object of affection, i asked them to close their eyes and listen to the song once more, but this time, hearing it with God’s voice, speaking to them. As i heard the song, i looked around and some of them were closing their eyes just praying and some of them were even crying, and it moved me beyond any way of description. I closed my eyes and just felt His Spirit upon these kids as if to tell me that He was listening to their thirsty hearts. It felt almost tangible to feel the Spirit choose willing hearts to use and mold amongst these kids. It shook me.

After the song ended, i heard one of the boys gently say, “Amen” and my soul leaped. i joined their circle and asked them to come to me if they had any questions or if they felt like God was speaking to them. I told them that they may feel confused and they don’t understand eveything, but if they feel something, that they should listen, becuz it’s God stirring in their hearts, so He may start moving in their lives. While i was praying, many of them were crying, and they were so unusually silent. After the prayer, i noticed most of them wipe their eyes and leave our room.

As they all left the room, i was talking to jasmine and i couldn’t contain my emotions. God, You are beautiful. They are just 10-12, but you are already calling them. I know you want to use them for your purpose God, so mold them. But Lord, it’s gonna be hard along the way, hold them too Lord. I felt so excited for them, and can only expect great things that God’s gonna do in some of them. I started crying.

After i got my food, i let “Love Song” keep playing in my room, and all my kids went back there to listen to it, and they wanted to know the artist. While i sat alone hoping that one of them would approach me, one of my students came and sat down next to me and asked to talk with me. So we went upstairs and talked one on one, and shared with me her concerns and questions about her spirituality and Christian growth. I advised her and then prayed with her. I can see in her a little bit of me when i was her age…so many questions about her relationship with God…so i tried to talk to her as if i was talking to the young me.

After our talk, we went downstairs and i saw the students of my class sitting in a circle chillin’ together just laffing, and it warmed my heart. i asked them to take a picture with the teachers and they really warmed up to me…i asked them if any of them wanted the song on cd, and to my joyous surprise, they clamoured for my attention and raised their hands in great reply.

God leaves me speechless at the end of the story. He calls even the youngest…and He really humbled me….cuz it’s one thing when you yourself can feel God speaking to you, but it’s another when you can see others being spoken to by God, esp. if they’re still so young.

God, please keep calling them to You…some of them are so thirsty and curious to know You. Teach them Lord, and call them in their still moments.

Your faithfulness moves me.

i love you Lord.

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