The Madness Is Over

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this week has been trying, i admit…emotionally and physically. I talked to pastor jus last nite and he said, “i know you’re tired, i can see it in your face…” I guess at those moments when i’m not running around, truth of the matter kicks in.

ps- and would you know it? after knowing pastor justin (who wasn’t always “pastor Justin”) for 17 years, last nite in Pre-BASIC was the first time we have ever sung together at the pulpit. I was amazed and humbled…Hoy! Pastor Jus…what did God do to you those 3 years in seminary! Ambisioso ka na! LOLS…kidding…all joking aside, that was one of the greatest personal blessings that night.

Ya Pre-BASIC…3 other personal blessings were Jamil. Eric. and Perze. why. mmm. they traveled the longest. haha…in addition, they shared with us their original compositions (except Jams). To know you guys traveled such distance for just Pre-BASIC is encrouaging. I wonder what God had in plan when He called you to our fellowship.

Lastly, Ate Grace called me this sunday morning. Actually, we talked Wednesday about my future position in the choir. She confirmed her hopes to depart to VA permanently in September. Sadly, i listened and complied to her request to take up her responsibilities as choir conductor. I admit i selfishly don’t want her, kuya rodel, and daniel to leave. She and kuya rodel have always been people in the church that i admired, & who have invested themselves to my spiritual growth, and now God requires their absence to empirical betterment- for them, for their ministry, for our church, and not so readily understood- for me.

i’m going to be a busy girl. it’s not so much going to a lot of things, but now i have to think of events…and it’s the preparation that will make me busy…not to mention all the thought going in to it.
i think i just have to cut back on some things.

i’m relieved that last week is over. but sunday was a day of great encouragement. There were many things i silently noted to which i could grasp in attainment that God sees me. i need to keep learning that it must only be His eyes i should run for. but one last comment i need to post for remembrance sake. 🙂 sometimes i do get discouraged esp. when there’s so much to be done…but at church, after i sang “one pure and Holy Passion” for special number, i left the stage and quietly went to my seat and for some reason wasn’t paying attention to what my Pastor Ding was saying (i guess cuz of self-consciousness)…but afterward, the older people were coming up to me quoting what he had said after i had sung.

“Blessed is the man who will be Marchesa’s husband.”

…my response…hahahahahahahahahaha…my pastor was promoting me at the pulpit! it’s very embarrassing, but coming from Pastor Ding to have said such a personal conviction during service was very encouraging. but hopefully, that will be the last promotion…i think i get enough of that from the elders of the church.

:: long entry for a long weekend ::

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