Dance Before You Sleep

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she wakes up.
she turns on her radio to her favorite station.

“Love At First Site” -Kylie Minogue

she opens her eyes to its fullest size & begins her routine eye scratching. she yawns & stretches her arms to the lazy ceiling. the beat gets heavier & she begins moving to the 4/4 beat, still a little dizzy from the late night on the phone. she recalls some words that stuck out like metal objects to a magnet. she tries to understand what happened yesterday so she can make sense of today. she remembers her friend complaining about britney spears, comparing her abs to the pop diva. she wondered how the nite had grown so late from a conversation. she remembers laffing about an inside joke, and lets out an overdue giggle. the music absorbs her remaining sleepiness and her dancing gets more sporadically convulsing to its beat. She spontaneously jumped on her unexpecting bed and began dancing like a madman without purpose. the phone rings and she answers to a familiar voice from last nite.

it`s her friend.

she hears the same song faintly in the background of her friend`s side of the line. she lets out an unusual early morning smile and steadies her feet to the mesmorizing beat.

** a simple story to remind us that how you fell asleep last nite can help how you get up the next morning
** my advice :: have a good dance before you go to sleep ** 😉

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