Encouragement Letter

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these days aren’t the greatest of days and i haven’t been allowing God’s grace to teach me by going to my friends- the friends that have taught me what friendship really was, what humility was purposed for, and what giving sacrificed.

i have great friends in SJ and they always work by my side, but i’ve missed my friends that i’ve made in North Jersey. Just when i thot life was complete with a second family- my SJ church, He graciously blessed me with friends just as close to me…friends who i can rely on and some who i can show my weaknesses to, who i can cry to.

i received a funny yet endearing letter from one of my dearest porch buddy by day, mananangal by night. the infamous- PAUL TENORIO. Hahaha…here’s a bit of what he wrote…for the FIC’ers reading this, i hope you too can see that at least there’s still people who remember how it use to be…

i’m sure Paul won’t mind i share this with everyone :). if so paul, bite me (but only after 12am! hahahhah)

well yeah i’m replying to that thank you card that you sent pungus…grabe!! didn’t have to do that but it was very encouraging and thank you to all the infinity exponent and subtract porter’s left butt and divide that by the # of her cleaning people and then take the derivative and then square it to come up with the final answer owwwwwwwww… anyways, ihope and pray that you’re feeling better right now andi know it might still be a little difficult at times but be strong fabs ha!! and remember what we talkedabout on the phone and hopefully sinulat mo sa red journal which i will try to get one of these days and CUT!! just never forget the goals that you have set for yourself and put yourself first once in a while ches instead of worrying how others would feel..i know that sounds really selfish but sometimes it’s hard to encourage others too when you yourself is struggling inside you know…i hope that you will stick with those goals and i know you have a lot of dreams that you still want to fulfill and so go get them fabs!! don’t let your dreams be just dreams do something about them cuz that’s how we’ll know if those dreams were meant to come true or not right??

there were a lot of things that struck me on that card you sent me..grabe fabs..it seemed like we haven’t talked to each other in decades!! and like what you said i do come across those times when i still miss everyone but i just had to accept the reality that things won’t be the same and i can already see that…people moving on to bigger and better things…and when you said “sometimes i have moments when i really miss you guys but wonder if everyone’s care for each just faded” grabe when you figure out the answer let me know ok!!! that something that i’ve always wondered but i thought i was the only one who felt that way you know…and sometimes i also wonder if people appreciate the things that you do for them you know?? i already told myself that i’m only probably going to hold on to those few friends in FIC that i know will be there in the long run you know cuz it’s hard to find those people and i think it’s part of GOD’s plan that HE made sure that we have the bond with each other before we all leave rutgers…grabe ithink that i have to agree with you with the care for each other just faded–hmmmm…this will be the topic of our next porch time!!! hahaha…and make sure you can support your argument (sounds like expos class)…we definitely should have a get together and hopefully soon we should get those funguses to come down to south jersey cuz i’m so tired of going up north grabe!!! it’s their turn to come down south right?? i mean there’s a lot of open fields that we can show them and not to mention one of south jersey’s tourist attractions–the bank in sewell that lookslike a car repair shop (owww do you remember that bank??)…hahaha…

ok ches baka inaantok or natatae ka na sa kakabasa nito so i’ll end it here for now…and by the way the charge for our conversation: my minute rate is $10 a minute so for 45 minutes it’ll be $450 PLUS there’s a mananangal sales tax in nj which is 100% so you owe me $900 and that’s due next week alright!!! ok fabs just hang in there ok and be strong and do whatever it is that will make you a stronger person inside and getting those goals accomplished…just call me up if you ever need anything and i don’t care how late you call either just do it and i promise i won’t be charging you any fees either…let’s keep encouraging each other alright
ches…take care and here FLYING KISS with colgate breath + vanilla chai breath and CATCH and please don’t give my flying kiss to porter or ana alright…ingat ha–miss you fabs and CUT!! i hope to see you soon!!!your porch buddy–


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