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today, i woke up at 7am, grabbed my Bible, guitar, & banig- & set out 4 my backyard. the grass was wet but i laid out my straw blanket anyways.

today was our first Early Morning Prayer Meeting. i remember many groups in Rutgers used 2 be sooo devoted 2 prayer, that they even got up around 6am 2 pray…i wanted 2 bring the same devotion 2 SJ. I know it`s hard 2 sacrifice sleep but i`m really praiseful that 4 people came 2 the mat 2 pray, maybe even more in their own rooms, but it was a refreshing time.

basically, we prayed 4 the people in our youth group. we prayed 4 individual names. i want us 2 learn how 2 be more invested in each other through prayer, not so we change their lives just because we uttered their names, & that the power was through our words, but so that we may learn how 2 care 4 their needs in lifting up their burdens; & it is our faith in which we grow closer 2 our intimacy with the Father.

how great 2 pray in the confines of secrecy but how sweet 2 pray with your friends.

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