lyrical battle (cont.)

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from lyrical battle w/ Teya Dorado:

I dun need to mess anyone up/ wassup/ jake is already/ too corrupt/ and you/ you feelin’ it too?/ I dun need this rhyme t’make you looka like-a foo’/ you already trippin’ / on your feeble words/ I’ll bring your crown t’the ground/ my verse is like a sling shootn’ you down like a puny bird/ and I dodge your comments like I dodge your turds/ha ha/ ma goodness/ I make myself laugh/if only your comebacks were a quarter to my half/ so this is just a sneak/ a funny peak/ of something to look forward to when you return in a few weeks/ but don’t be too quick to speak/ take all that time/ to try to make half a decent rhyme/ I’ll be waiting/ tick tock…ya rite (I’ll be keeping time! ) ha!

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