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so everyone`s been asking me, 1.”marchesa, have you been losing weight?” and so the answer is yes.

2. “marchesa, are you eating?” the answer is `not as much as i use to`. which by the way is a good thing cuz i use to eat a lot and indulge in spending 5 bucks here and there, which by the way puts a strain on an almost non-existent wallet to begin with.

3. (and the most important question) “how did you lose all that weight” (coming from 114 to 105). i will answer this question with detailed longetivity, it will blow you away.

Every nite between the hours of 10:46-12:33pm, i venture out of my apartment into the night, wearing only the comfort of my pajamas and black flip flops that i`ve borrowed from my sister without her knowledge. then i hop the M10 and get off at the stop near the train station of Metuchen where a park is nearby hidden. In this park is a pond, and not some ordinary murky pond like the ones they complain about in movies about New Jersey, but a placid humble pond where i, at exactly 12:34 immerse myself in. I call it the “foine fountain”…it sheds pounds like crazy.

so there you have it…the secret to my success…so at this moment, i`d like to personally list some people who i think need to visit this fountain. my first pick is Teya Dorado and my last pick is Teya Dorado, also known as Teya da Playa, cuz she thinks she got the upper hand/ tryn` t`demand/ a response to her ghetto rhymes/ like jake/ you lost your prime/ and i/ i ain`t got the time/ to reply to corn/ oops, did i say corn?/ i meant…/CORN/ ya, you heard right/ my comeback`s tight/ you tried to be all sneaky/ like a poop in the night/ but i got 20/20 vision plus strategic foresight.


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