“Plant the Bulbs”

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“38Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” -Matthew 9:38

I keep hearing the voice of my mom telling me, reminding me over & over not to forget to plant the bulbs that are already sprouting near the side of my house. This is something she`s adamantly been requesting of me since she left for the Philippines. I admit, the cold highly affects my drive in accomplishing this small request, but all in all, I also readily admit that i can`t wait until it`s planted.

Why? Hmmm. Well, I guess because it`s something i wouldn`t normally do- plant.

But the prospect of investing something living to the garden is somewhat intrinsically exciting. And to watch it grow will probably be just as concerning for me when I come home on the weekends. Now i know why my mom prides so much in her garden and the newly grown flowers that have bloomed while i was away. She`d always take me outside to show me the final masterpiece of a slow overlooked struggle of a flower blooming.

Maybe that`s what God intends for us when He asks us to plant. I shamefully realize that at times I take this more of a chore than a movement of His glory. Sometimes, we`re conditioned to count how many souls we`ve won for Christ, as if we were collecting eggs in a hunt. But we fail to remember that it`s not just the planting stage where we participate throughout someone’s spiritual life, but also in the journey of their growth, because we know the Spirit provided the conviction towards salvation. We provide discipling, following up, making sure the growth continues to bloom. And we`ll never see all of the intricacies of God`s molding and piercing [slow overlooked struggle] in those individuals, but to behold God’s miracle & masterpiece in working in that person is so moving.

I’ve seen this in my church and in some of my friends, and I can testify that it is one of the sweetest things to see when something grows from a bulb to a fully bloomed flower. I need to remind myself that planting, serving, is a sweet response to God`s request because not only does God reap the glory & His garden is kept, but if you let yourself watch closely what you’ve planted, you will realize yourself that you too have been implanted with such blessings in watching it grow. And that can really move you sometimes.

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