I’ll Miss Her

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i miss her already. when she was @ home, i felt safe- like i had a friend there. Now when i go home, there will be no one 2 take care of me & comfort me. I remember being bored or worried & I`d always go find my ate 2 ease my whatever worries…i`d find her on a bed reading a book & i`d lie down & talk incessantly. She would voice her annoyance that i`d always bother her while she was reading. I loved the rides going home cuz we`d talk about the latest news & how we felt about the musings of home (SJ in general- family/frenz/church). I know Kristie is still there & i have fun w/ her, but i know how preoccupied she is in her life. i feel more like she comes 2 me like i come 2 Ate. When Kristie`s bored, she`ll always find me & hang out w/ me. I hope i`m a good Ate 2 her. She seems so alone many times. I love you Ate. I miss you already. Please don`t be so far away. Conitnue to protect me. I know that this is only the beginning of your life…who knows how soon your life will drastically change. i wish you`d always stay at home. i feel like Jo, in Little Women, asking her sisters 2 stay close 2 home. Oh Lord, i want her 2 be happy. Continue 2 bless her as You do. Provide for her happiness. Please Lord, also ease the hurt that my parents may feels from letting her move on.

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